Export Your Data From Rainmaker

These school owners came from Rainmaker.
Here is what they have to say about Spark:

"I have used MindBody, Rain Maker, and Zen Planner and all I have to say is you guys are blowing me away with Spark.  And I am not even done setting up yet.
 Ron Sell and Cheong Park you have created an amazing product and your support team is equally fantastic. 
Cant wait to be fully set up because already I am loving all the ways Spark will help me run my studio. You all have thought of so many features to streamline my day to day work. So thrilled to be a part of the Spark community."

Dennis Hill
​Chief Instrutor -  CT Krav Maga & MMA

"Since I've made the switch, I've seen nothing but hustle from Master Sell and GM Park.  They're very active with customer service, feature development and support.  New features are constantly being released...not just talked about!  The whole team has been fantastic with my constant asking of questions and I feel appreciated and valued as a customer.  Every time I get a notification on FB that Master Sell posted in this group,  I get all excited, "What new feature is he releasing now?""

Noeu Chan
School Manager - iXL Martial Arts

"Since SPARK my relationship with my wife has gotten so much better.  Now the new "Franchise Dashboard" has put us back to our honeymoon phase like it was 21 year ago!  

Fred Kyoshi DePalma
CEO - MA1st

Important: Rainmaker has instituted a new policy - all exports including financial information now incur a fee of $450 PER LOCATION.

You have the option to forego financial information and recollect it from within Spark.
We offer a few different methods of accomplishing this - one being a mass email requesting updated information that goes out to all of your active clients that are missing financial information. When they fill it out, it is automatically applied to their membership and stored on file for you to use.

Step by Step Rainmaker Export Breakdown

Step 1: Compose an email to help@addmembers.com with this text in the body:

"I would like an export of all of my Contacts including financial information, please."

Step 2: Inside Rainmaker, we need to navigate to the Reports section.

Step 3: We'll then want go to the Export Members and Programs report under General Tasks.

Step 4: Select "All Contacts" and hit Go. We now have to click the Export to Excel button on the right hand side.

Step 5: Go ahead and forward the email that you receive from Rainmaker to us at data@sparkmembership.com. Let us know the password to the file, and attach the report you just pulled. We will have it imported for you within 2 business days.

They will require a PGP Key from you, please use our provided key below.
Only we will be able to open the file and we are unable to legally share the information with you.

PGP keys are used used to encrypt sensitive data such as credit card information.
Only those with the secret half of the PGP Key (the Spark team) will be able to access the information.

Click here to download the public half of the PGP Key. This is all that Rainmaker needs to get your data.