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Export Your Data From MyStudio

Need it slowed down a bit? Follow along.

Step 1: First off, you're going to want to navigate from your Dashboard to the All Customers Section.

Step 2: From the "All Customers" tab you're going to want to (1) Check off the checkbox next to the Customer Name section. This'll select all of your customers and check them all off.  You will then hit the (2) Export Button which will start a download of all your contact information.

Step 3: After the contacts are downloaded, Hit the back button to go back to the Dashboard and (1) then go to the "Memberships" Section. From here it'll be similar to the last step, where you just (2) hit the checkbox to select all the Memberships. (3) Then just hit the Export selection button. Since we were only looking at the Active tab, we only downloaded active Memberships. We're going to want to get the On Hold ones as well by just repeating step 2 and 3 on the On Hold tab. 
(If you also want your Cancelled/Completed Memberships for historical significance then you can by repeating step 2 and 3 on that tab as well.)

Step 4: Now with your memberships downloaded/exported, you're going to want to export your past transactions as well. To do this, go to the "Payments" section to view all your past payments.

Step 5: From here you'll want to (1) change the time slot its showing from "Last 30 Days" to "Date Range".
In Start Date and End date Slot enter "01/01/2000" as the Start Date and "01/01/2022" as the End Date. This will ensure all transactions are collected. After all transactions are loaded, (3) go ahead and click "Export" to export all of them.

Step 6:

After successfully following all 3 steps, go ahead send over all of the reports that you just pulled to our data team at Correctly following these steps you should have 4 files (5 if Completed Memberships were downloaded).
We will have it imported for you within 3 business days if everything we need is present.