Export Your Data From MindBody

These school owners came from MindBody.
Here is what they have to say about Spark:

"I have used MindBody, Rain Maker, and Zen Planner and all I have to say is you guys are blowing me away with Spark.  And I am not even done setting up yet.
 Ron Sell and Cheong Park you have created an amazing product and your support team is equally fantastic. 
Cant wait to be fully set up because already I am loving all the ways Spark will help me run my studio. You all have thought of so many features to streamline my day to day work. So thrilled to be a part of the Spark community."

Dennis Hill
​Chief Instrutor -  CT Krav Maga & MMA

"It’s great. My front desk worked with MINDBODY for a little bit thought it was a pain in ass. and now he loves Spark. We all love spark I can’t imagine how I survived with such a horrible software like MINDBODY with horrible customer service"

Carlos Archila
School Owner - Lake County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

"Since SPARK my relationship with my wife has gotten so much better.  Now the new "Franchise Dashboard" has put us back to our honeymoon phase like it was 21 year ago!  

Fred Kyoshi DePalma
CEO - MA1st

MindBody offers a paid ($250 USD) export which has all of your information, including your customers' financial information, (CC & ACH).
For those who do not want to pay the fee for the export, we have the option to pull an export without your customers' financial information free of charge.

Click here to see the paid export tutorial.

Click here to see the free export tutorial.

MindBody Paid Export - Step by Step

Step 1: Email MindBody's support team at support@mindbodyonline.com and ask for: "an export of my entire database, including financial information."

Step 2: They should email you to confirm & authenticate your request. Prepare to provide both your last 4 card digits and photo ID as well as your responses to their questions. Shortly after, you should receive your export from dataservices@mindbodyonline.com.

Step 3: Forward the emails containing the data export to us at data@sparkmembership.com. We will take it from there and have everything imported into your account within 2 business days.

Free Export Tutorial 
(Does not include customers' financial information)

MindBody Free Export - Step by Step

Step 1: We will need to pull a handful of reports to get all of the information we need. To start, click inside the Search bar in the top-left and go to Advanced client lookup.

Step 2: Select All clients in the drop-down box and run the report. Download it as a spreadsheet and save it somewhere safe.

Step 3: Next, we want to navigate to the Reports. Go ahead and go to Payment Processing tab and choose the AutoPay Detail report.

Step 4: Enter the Start Date year as 2001 and the End Date year as 2030 - this gives us all of the information possible. 
Click Generate once you're ready and then click the Excel button to download it.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 for the following reports:
    - Clients > Pricing Options Expirations
    - Clients > New Members

Step 6: We have almost everything now. Go to the Clients > Membership report.

Step 7: On this next screen, just click the Export To Excel button, and we're done!

Step 8: Go ahead and forward the email that you receive from Rainmaker to us at data@sparkmembership.com. Let us know the password to the file, and attach the reports you just pulled. We will have it imported for you within 2 business days.